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As Ontario’s population grows so does the requirement for electricity. We are currently putting high demands on the electrical grid affecting the reliability and the availability of electricity to the end user. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has implemented programs to reduce electricity use. One program that has many people talking is the Demand Response 3 Program. Since most industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities require standby generators for emergency and life safety purposes they are augmenting the costs of the generator by enrolling in the DR3 program.

The DR3 program provides a platform for your organization to enter into an agreement with the OPA to reduce your energy use during periods of peak electrical demand. You will be called upon to run your facility off of your generator for short periods of time, essentially removing your facility from the grid, and receiving capacity payments and energy payments in return. Over time this allows you to recover the costs of your standby generator and create a source of revenue for your business.

Our team works with your facility in obtaining the required Ministry of the Environment permits and approvals as well as working with the OPA or selected aggregator to get you up and running.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to request a quotation and our team will be happy to assist you.

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