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Waste AuditsOntario Regulation 102/94 and 103/94 requires that businesses that meet the specified reporting threshold determine the amount, nature and composition of wastes generated at  their facility. The waste audit consists of sorting through various waste streams to identify the fate of all wastes and should provide consideration as to how the wastes are produced. Waste audits assist in the identification of the effectiveness of a waste management program as well as identifying specific areas for improvement.
The results of the waste audit assist in the preparation of a Waste Reduction Work Plan. The work plan functions as a planning exercise and documentation to maintain and improve waste diversion. The work plans include measured objectives and targets as well as a time-line to reduce, reuse and recycle wastes.
For further information on Waste Management Systems and Waste Disposal Site Approvals please reference the Certificate of Approval and Environmental Compliance Approval page on our website.
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