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environmental compliance auditFulco Environmental Inc. staff is actively involved in the acoustics field through the successful completion of Detailed Acoustic Assessment Reports (AAR), Primary Noise Screening Assessments, Secondary Noise Screening Assessments, Abbreviated Acoustic Assessment Reports (A-AAR), and Acoustic Audits in support of Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Applications for Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for air and noise emissions as required under Section 9 of the Environmental Protection Act. Noise emissions are compared to the Noise Pollution Control (NPC) Guidelines NPC-205 – Sound Level Limits for Stationary Sources in Class 1 & 2 Areas (Urban) and NPC-232 - Sound Level Limits for Stationary Sources in Class 3 Areas (Rural).
All applicants for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) are required to assess the impacts of all noise and vibration emissions from  their facility on  all off-property and on-property sensitive receptors (Points of Reception) if the minimum separation distance between the facility and the sensitive receptors (nearest schools, hospitals, residences, etc.) are not achieved as outlined in the Section 9 Primary Noise Screening Process, and various other guidelines.
A Secondary Noise Screening Assessment can be completed to see if the facility can show compliance with the published noise criteria outlined in NPC-205/232. If your facility does not show compliance after the Primary Noise Screening and Secondary Noise Screening Assessments then the client may wish to conduct an Abbreviated Acoustic Assessment Report (A-AAR) or complete a full Detailed Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR) to evaluate compliance.
If all acoustic studies show non-compliance at any sensitive receptor then a Noise Abatement Action Plan (NAAP) must be completed to identify the sources that require noise mitigation and how the sources will be mitigated. Upon approval of the application, the MOE typically requires that applicant’s conduct a follow up Acoustic Audit to verify compliance with the Ministry of the Environment Noise Pollution Control (NPC) Guidelines following the implementation of noise mitigation equipment.
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